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2015 - 2019 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke | Engine Tuning by PPEI

2015 - 2019 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke | Engine Tuning by PPEI

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Get ready to experience the ultimate performance boost with PPEI's engine calibrations for your Ford Powerstroke engine. PPEI's calibrations are designed to improve every aspect of your vehicle's performance, from towing capabilities to fuel efficiency. Expect increased acceleration and a significant boost in horsepower and torque, making your Ford Powerstroke more powerful than ever. With PPEI's engine calibrations, you'll be able to tow heavier loads easily and experience faster acceleration, all while keeping the engine running at optimal efficiency. PPEI's calibrations are engineered with precision resulting in a horsepower increase of up to 150 HP over stock.

  • Level 1: +15 HP
  • Level 2: +30 HP
  • Level 3: +60 HP
  • Level 4: +100 HP
  • Level 5: +150 HP

For an additional fee, you can take your Ford Powerstroke transmission to the next level with PPEI's advanced transmission calibrations. PPEI's programming improves the shift strategy, providing smoother and more precise gear changes for enhanced driveability. Thanks to the optimized shift points, you'll experience an improved driving experience, resulting in better fuel economy and reduced transmission wear. PPEI's transmission calibrations adjust the torque converter lockup strategy for enhanced towing capabilities and overall performance. Upgrade your Ford Powerstroke transmission with PPEI's calibration and experience the difference in your daily drive.

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