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2020 - 2022 GM 3.0L LM2 Duramax | Transmission Tuning by PPEI

2020 - 2022 GM 3.0L LM2 Duramax | Transmission Tuning by PPEI

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Extend your LM2 Duramax's transmission's life and increase your fuel economy with PPEI's T93 Transmission tuning! A MUST for tuned trucks with additional torque.

PPEI was the first to offer transmission tuning for these new allisons and we have not let off the throttle since!

The refined shift points get rid of the low rpm “Lazy” feel these trucks have that force the driver to stab the throttle for a downshift – not cool and a fuel economy killer! For vehicles with larger turbochargers, ppei transmission tuning is a must to get the engine back into a rpm range to match the torque curve of the new turbo.

Along with the improved shift points, PPEI also refines the torque converter lockup strategy to put the power to the ground much more efficiently for improved fuel economy by eliminated unnecessary slip in the torque converter – which also drives down heat in typical “unlocked” conditions.

Lastly (and possibly the greatest benefit) is the increase in line pressure ppei provides. line pressure increases the holding capacity in the transmission by clamping the clutch packs together with more force – this allows tuned trucks (or trucks towing heavy) to have the confidence they need to enjoy their truck for years to come.

This tuning package can be installed using an PPEI RTD, HPTuners MPVI2/3.

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