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Exergy Performance

Exergy New 60% LML Injectors - E02 10508

Exergy New 60% LML Injectors - E02 10508

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This the perfect injector upgrade if you are looking to make 950HP (more than we suggest for your stock bottom end). You’ll have total peace of mind running the most reliable injectors ever offered for your LML. From the top competitors in the industry to over-the-road hot shot drivers, diesel truck owners love Exergy Performance Injectors.

Why buy Exergy Performance +60% Injectors?

  • Replace Stock or failed LML Injectors
  • You’ve installed (or plan to)
    • a Built Transmission
    • Upgraded Turbo
    • Low Pressure Fuel Pump
    • High Pressure Fuel Pump
    • Tuning Calibrations
    • Traction Bars
    • Cold Air Intake
    • Intercooler Piping
  • Up 950HP (with supporting mods) without causing smoke
  • You should re-tune your vehicle after installation · Too much? Consider our +45% injectors and +30% injectors for less mods

Benefits of Exergy Performance +60% Over Injectors

  • Exergy Performance: Top quality, high performance, most reliable
  • The only company we trust to modify injectors
  • Bosch equipment design & development for diesel common rail
  • Thorough verification & testing including shot-to-shot consistency and injection timing
  • Full test results of your injectors provided: full rail pressure, shot-to-shot consistency, injection timing
  • Custom report tells you how it flows at idle, part & wide-open throttle conditions
  • Exergy injectors contribute to a smoother running engine
  • Nozzle flow balanced within 1% (+/-0.5%) across set
  • Every set balanced within 4% at rated power
  • EDM and/or Abrasive Flow Nozzles


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