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Exergy Reman Sportsman LB7 Injectors - E01 10102

Exergy Reman Sportsman LB7 Injectors - E01 10102

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GM Duramax Exergy Sportsman Reman Injector Features:
  • Tested to the highest industry standards
  • Engineered to deliver consistent performance
  • Meets/exceeds OEM standards & specifications
  • Based on your factory units
  • Flow-tested to ensure balance
  • Optimized fuel injection
  • Straight forward installation

Engineered for Consistent Results

The 2001-2004 GM 6.6L Duramax Exergy Sportsman Reman Injector was engineered to produce consistent fuel injection and reliable performance in all driving conditions. Exergy is devoted to creating the best possible fuel injectors for their customers, so they test and re-test these injectors to ensure they meet the highest industry standards. These tests include baseline testing, cleaning, nozzle baseline flow, and final test and balance. Through all of the designing, manufacturing and testing, these injectors will be sure to optimize your fuel injection for every situation you get yourself into.


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