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Exergy Sportsman LMM CP3 Pump (LBZ Based) - E04 10405

Exergy Sportsman LMM CP3 Pump (LBZ Based) - E04 10405

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This pump is the perfect upgrade over the stock CP3 pump for those looking to gain more horsepower and torque when their trucks are turned up with tuning and other supporting modifications. Don't be fooled by other competitors "modified" CP3 pumps, this pump by Exergy, will continue to flow past the stock drop off level. The stock GM CP3 is only capable of flowing fuel up to 3000 rpm and begins to fall off, whereas the Sportsman pump will continue to flow until 4500+ rpm. This is the perfect and most affordable solution for a "true" tested and modified CP3 pump that won't require big air and fueling modifications in order to work.


  • OE Bosch LMM Fuel Pressure Regulator Installed
  • OE Bosch NEW Pump Platform
  • No Core Charge!
  • Supplies full fuel capabilities beyond 3000RPM
  • Perfect for Trucks Utilizing EFI Live or other forms of ECM Tuning

*Primary Fuel Supply Requirement For Max Pump Performance: 150 GPH @ 8-10 psi Per Pump

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